Q - Why should I contact you?

A - Simple, we have managed to negotiate excellent deals and contracts with our manufacturers that allows them to produce more equipment and as a result provide our clients with excellent discounts.

Q - What can RSA Fitness do if I find a quote that is cheaper from a different manufacturer?

A - If you are willing to compromise quality with a lower price from a different manufacturer then there is not much we can do. We provide reasonable quotes direct from the manufacturers to give you quality equipment at a competitive price.

Unlike many fitness suppliers and manufacturers that quote their clients very high then drop their prices to meet other competitors quotes, we provide you with the best quote and discounts available the first time.

We recommend that you try the equipment yourself, read reviews and investigate the true biomechanical use of the equipment and then make a judgment.

Q - For my home gym surely equipment from online superstores is cheaper and more appropriate?

A - inevitably, you are able to buy equipment on the internet for your home. However, it just comes down to quality and how fast you can achieve your desired results. There are several companies that provide home equipment on the internet. The quality of these differ and may not get you the results you want.

Q - Am I able to buy commercial fitness equipment for my home gym? Will I get the same discount as a commercial gym?

A - Yes of course. You can buy any piece of equipment if you have adequate space, and the right flooring installed for your home gym because we do not want to compromise your wellbeing and safety. We are still able provide you with the same competitive rates.

Q - What details do you need from my gym?

A - We need to know the following in order to meet your needs

  • What type of facility it is?
  • Who are your primary users?
  • How many pieces of equipment will the layout have?
  • Idea of space? Size, 2D plans etc....

Q - How does the process work?

A - Once you contact us, we will pass your details and requirements directly to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then give you a quote which will include the RSA Fitness discounts. We can arrange meetings to discuss requirements in more details, go through plans and show you existing sites with our equipment.

Q - How does the warranty work?

A - Every piece of new equipment comes with warranty which is dependent on the type of equipment you buy . For example a 750A Arc trainer comes with five year parts warranty, one year labour warranty and ten year frame warranty as standard. The warranty starts from the day the equipment is delivered and installed at your facility or home.

Q - Can I increase the labour warranty?

A - Yes you can, You can do this at the time you order the equipment and after your warranty expires.

Q - Who delivers and Installed the equipment?

A - The equipment is delivered from the manufacturer and installed by their experienced fully insured team.

Q - Can you provide me additional help besides fitness equipment?

A - Yes of course, we have many contacts in the fitness industry. This is from designing, to flooring, to membership retentions and managing facilities with business plans etc..

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